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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose Blue Sky Filters?

What sets Blue Sky Filters apart from the competition? First, it’s our people! Committed, responsible, knowledgeable and flexible employees willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy you, the customer. Second, our products and service programs offer quality with consistency and value, while focusing on the environmental requirements for our customers and our facility.

Since 1975, Blue Sky Filters has operated with honesty and integrity to provide our customers with products and solutions to fit their needs. We are continually striving to develop solid relationships with our customers and we look forward to working with you and adding you to our list of satisfied customers.

How can I save on shipping?

SHIPPING — Watch your shipping rates and code numbers!

DO NOT use the word filter or filter’s on your shipping documents – this will be classed as 400 HVAC. Bag house bags and cartridges are much heavier and should be classed as “cloth bags” – NOI 20550 class 70-90

HUGE savings when shipping dirty bags or cartridges!!!

What fabrics can I use for my bags and what are their temperature ranges and where should I use them?

See the table below. Or call our service department for recommendations.

Blue Sky Filters Fabric Selection Table

How can I tell what type of material I am presently using?

Send us a sample for testing, or if you need to establish a fabric fiber immediately, use this field test method using a clean piece of material.

Filter Material Field Test Method

What is a snap band?

A snap band is on the open end(s) of a bag and is an easy way to provide a tight leak proof seal between the tube sheet and bag.

A snap band is constructed of a stainless steel spring steel band, with felt grooved material and covering. Snap bands range in size from 3/4″ wide to 1.5″ wide. An average width is 1″ and generally up to 6 1/4″ diameter (other sizes available on custom orders).

Proper fit and construction of holes in the tube sheet are extremely important.

What is a tubesheet?

The tubesheet is a metal sheet with either punched holes or welded standpipes found inside the baghouse separating the clean air side from the dirty air side. Dust/filter bags are attached to the tubesheet. The tubesheet can be either at the top of the baghouse or on the bottom, as a floor.

What is the difference between having a bag washed locally and having Blue Sky Filters recycle the bag?

Most local laundries know how to wash linens or coveralls. The procedure to clean, inspect and test a filter is completely different. To ensure your filter bags will fit and function properly with all leaks repaired, every bag is individually inspected and measured. Random samples on marginal bags are tested for permeability and useful life. A bag recycled by Blue Sky Filters generally lasts 2-3 times longer than a commercially laundered bag.

Can I recycle a cotton bag?

Not normally. In most cases cotton will shrink and close up the weave, restricting air flow. Recommendation! Replace with synthetic polyester materials that are cleanable and longer lasting (available from Blue Sky Filters).

What fabrics are recyclable (cleanable)?

Cleanable Filter Fabric Types* 90% of low temperature bags are constructed with polyester media and normally recyclable. Variables include hours of on-line usage, temperature, moisture, exposure, and product collected.

How do I know if my bags will be recyclable?

Remove a few bags from sample locations in the baghouse – front, center, back, sides, etc. Mark the bags as per location and ship us the samples. We do the rest. We will recycle, repair and test your samples, give you a report and return your evaluation Free! Call (503) 786-7254 and request form #45. We will fax complete instructions for this procedure and arrange to send you bag caps (hole covers) if required.

Have more questions? We’re happy to help!

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